"The blockchain technology,
which has lost
its credibility and fairness.

LeeInqyu CEO

Why Blockchain

Edubloc platform uses blockchain technology to enhance the reliability of each step in the process of creating, storing, and transporting student learning history information, and the MyData platform, which effectively collects and utilizes public education institutions, village learning centers, institutes, and IoT data. is.

Blockchain pursues a decentralized orientation that does not require third parties or centers. It is possible to reliably deliver records between high schools and universities without the need for intermediaries such as the Ministry of Education and the Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation, which scores and scores SAT.

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Edubloc promotes educational innovation.

Preparing Video


We are preparing for future education in response to the Fourth Industrial Revolution by fusing the alternative education mode.


Major and Latest News

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Three solutions that Edubloc will implement.

History consulting

Coordi matching

AI assistant coordi

Village Learning Platform

School Voting System

LMS Course Matching

Smart contract

Money Management App

EB Wallet interlock