About Edubloc Platform


dubloc platform means an integrated platform on the creation, storage and transfer of blockchain-based personal learning history

Based on blockchain technology, Edubloc is an open platform that connects learners’ information trapped in schools and learning centers to learners and study researchers so that they can utilize it according to their own needs from the perspective of learners’ information human rights.

Children and teenagers can receive services from learning history management experts through edibles, and they can receive growth records and artificial intelligence-based learning consulting, while study researchers can get the necessary learning information on the premise of learners’ approval. It is also a platform that reflects the needs of many countries around the world for educational innovation, not just Korea.


The Edubloc team has a lot of experience in solving training problems and boasts the best teamwork with our service.

Lee In Kyu

Jeon Myeong San

Kim Sun Hee


The Beautiful School Movement Headquarters created Edublok by applying blockchain to the Learning History Management project using data accumulated over 20 years.


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