Learning History Management-Professional Matching System

Learning history management specialist matching services are available within the region.

1) Specialists with learning history management consulting skills are categorized by distance.

2) Specialists with expertise are systematically classified by career path.

3) Custom matching system is provided through experts with expertise in each learning area (or through a management system that can systematically categorize, register and manage content).


Student growth analysis

Student–Property Matching

Task progress

[A step-by-step objective]Step 1: Core Technology Development Phase
Step 2: Application Technology Development Phase
Step 3: Global Technology Development

My- Data Service

Platform for building learner's growth data platform based on blockchain and enabling the collection, management and utilization of learner's history information

A student history information management system using blockchain consists of recording learner history information on a blockchain or reading the student history information recorded on a blockchain.

Learner history information is information on big data concepts for building personal portfolios, which can include public records, village learning site activity records, online learning activity records, health records, lifestyle records and study code submission records.

It is organized to record the assessment of learners in everyday life or in training courses, or to view recorded learner history information.

Business Model

The main business models for Edubloc are Learning History Solutions, Learning Community Platform, and Parental Children's Choice.